Professional Grooming at Hill Farm Kennels


 Dachshund having nails trimmed 


We are a friendly professional, dog grooming salon. Our staff are experienced and fully qualified to clip, handstrip and fully groom all breeds. In addition to coat care, all dogs will have:-

  • Their ears checked and cleaned, hair removed if necessary
  • Anal glands checked and evacuated if necessary
  • Nails clipped

Prices From £20.00

  • Prices will vary depending on the condition of coat and behaviour of your pet. Pets staying with us will receive a discount on bathing and trimming. Dogs who are book regular 6 - 8 week appointments will be given a 10% discount.
  • Coats that have been badly neglected will be charged accordingly.
  • Our groomers are kind and gentle and will treat your dog kindly and with care.

Small Terriers (eg Westie)

Clip £25.00


Hand Strip £40.00

Long Coated Toy Breeds

Show Groom £35.00


Pet Clip £25.00

Tall Terrier Type Breeds (eg Airedale, Giant Schnauzer)

Clip £35.00


Hand Strip £50.00

Large Long Coated Breeds (eg Old English Sheepdog, Afghan Hound)

From £40, depending on condition

Bath, Groom and Dry

From £20.00

Nails (Included in Full Groom)


Anal Glands (Included in Full Groom)



All prices are given for guidance. Dogs who find it hard to tolerate grooming or whose coats are in poor condition will be charged more. We will discuss your exact requirements when you bring your dog in for grooming.


Please try to be punctual for your appointment so we have ample time to spend with your dog. Thank you.