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Have you received emails or phone calls offering to get your business more visible on Google by buying a review posting service? We know that Google looks very favourably on businesses that have a number of reviews and ranks them well in the search results.

Short Term Gain – Long Term Pain

It also doesn’t seem to be able to differentiate between fake and genuine reviews at the moment, so you might feel tempted to buy a service that will make your business more visible. Adding reviews will almost certainly give you at least a short term boost, so you may be tempted to buy into the service. You should be aware that Google doesn’t like attempts at spamming or cheating the system and this short-term gain may well end up in long term pain when find it and you are penalised for it.
Google Places listing

The listings above are doubtless very successful but if you read the reviews you will see that they are written by non English speakers and the posting history shows they have opinions on businesses all over the United States.

Typically a Reviews Posting business uses workers from India and Pakistan who likely have multiple Google Account names to create these fake reviews which are thoroughly unconvincing and are more likely to put off new customers than encourage them to use your business. Only genuine reviews are worthwhile, so try and encourage your happy clients to post about their experience.

Maggie Tattersall



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