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There are plenty of good reasons to switch to Google’s own browser, Chrome, but the huge range of free tools available as extensions is one of the most important. It’s quick to download and feels very quick and lightweight compared to Internet Explorer or Firefox.

Tools are installed as extensions  - visit the Chrome webstore to have a browse around; to get you started I’ve linked to the Productivity category, which is where you will find all the tools I will be discussing. The alternative to these extensions is:

  • buying a programme with lots of features to do what may well be a single job for your website
  • downloading some free software, which is always a bit risky as you can never be sure what you are installing on your computer

The free content that is available will make your job of managing your website much easier. Generally, it isn’t very sophisticated technically, but it will do what you need doing without spending money unnecessarily or putting your computer at risk by downloading a programme from a source that may well be unsafe.

To install the Chrome Browser visit the Download page and you will be up and running within minutes.

One thing to be wary of – too many extensions will slow your computer down. If you do feel this is happening, only enable extensions when you need them.


Maggie Tattersall



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