Making the Most of Your Places Listing

If you haven’t already, go and claim your Places listing by logging in to your Google Account and entering your business postcode. This will bring up a Places icon which you can then claim and start to edit your listing.

Be cautious if your business address contains a locality – i.e. The London Cattery; Google may suspect that you are trying to cheat by claiming a location for search engine benefits. I have seen businesses have their listing rejected because of this rather strange algorithm.

Complete Your Listing – 100% if Possible

Once you have claimed the listing you can complete all the options to maximise its impact. You can add:

  1. Photographs
  2. Videos
  3. Business Description (make this as good as possible)
  4. Hours of Businesses
  5. Methods of Payment
  6. Landline and Mobile phone numbers
  7. Website
  8. Unique selling points
  9. Your catchment area – either by town or radius
  10. Categories your business fits best

This is free advertising, so make the most of it by giving some time to make it work as well as it can. Encourage your clients to write a review about your services, but don’t write fake reviews or allow a company specialising in fake reviews do it for you. That could be very damaging to your listing.


You will need to verify that you are the owner of the business by entering a verification code; generally, these are by postcard to stop people posting false Listings – for example,  a plumber who covers a number of towns and would like to rank for each of them. The postcard will arrive within 10-14 days, generally.

Linking to Your Website

The better your website the better your listing works. Ensure that both the listing and website have the same address, phone number and postcode. Also, be careful to have content on your website homepage that spells out your business – this means avoiding splash pages or any other lack of content that doesn’t tell Google that the website you are linking to is related to the Places listing.

Google Places Statistics

Within a week or so of verification you will start seeing how many people have seen your Listing, how many have visited your website and the sort of search queries they used to trigger its appearance. I would advise against tweaking the entry, that can have a negative effect and send it rocketing around in the listings; try and get it right first time.

Need Some Help?

If you already have far too many things to do, let us do it for you. At just £25, and a great track record we offer a very competitive service.  Complete the form for your Google Places Listing to improve your ranking now.

Maggie Tattersall


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