Top Five Chrome Extensions

The joy of extensions, available from the Chrome Webstore is that they are free and cover a lot of the tasks you will want to perform on your website. Some of them have tools that are otherwise only available on expensive software, so explore the Webstore for ones that will solve your particular problem; there’s sure to be one.

Installation is easy – just choose the app from the store, download it to your computer and access it either through an icon on your toolbar or via the extensions listing which you will find by clicking on the wrench icon, then selecting tools and then extensions.

These are my favourites:


The Resolution Test

Screens are coming in more and more sizes and resolutions – the resolution refers to the height x width of the screen. The Resolution Test allows you to change your window size so you can check that your website is performing in all sizes and that your important information is on your visitor’s screen where they can see it without having to scroll. If your page isn’t immediately interesting there’s a good chance your visitor will just hit the back button on their browser.Toolbar with Chrome Extension Shortcuts

Color Pick

Have you ever been on a website and seen a colour that would look great on your site? This handy little tool lets you identify it and gives the hex colour value (hex colours start with the hash tag #) to use. If you need a different expression for your software this conversion tool will give you the RGB (Red, Green and Blue) and HSL (Hue, Saturation and Luminosity) values.

What Font?

Fonts can make a huge difference to the way a website looks and give you some great effects.When you see one that is particularly effective find out what it is with this tool. Not all fonts are free, but there are a number of websites where you can either buy fonts, such as this one or download for free.

Google Shortener

Url’s copied from the address bar can get broken if they are long, use the shortener to keep your links intact.

Awesome Screenshot

Use this if there is something you want to capture on your own site or another – it’s rude to steal, so if you are copying something from another website be sure and link back to them with a credit. Few people object to you using images of their websites if you follow this simple courtesy. In the post on favicons you will see just how useful this extension is.

Choosing Extensions from the Webstore

User ratings are a good indicator how well any particular extension works. A word of caution, though. Some extensions can be very greedy, working in the background and slowing down your computer. It’s advisable to keep those that you have enabled to a minimum, just activating them when you need them.

Maggie Tattersall

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